Thanks to the ability to adapt to multiple uses, flexible packaging has made its mark in countless sectors. The main sector where it is used is the world of food; it is also applied in the domestic and personal cleansing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Simec Group offers to operators in this industry laser engraved products, specialising in Anilox sleeves, and mechanically engraved products.

Standard engravings

The coating Specialists

To ensure continuous technological updating and the use of the most innovative techniques in the field of Thermal spray, Simec Group collaborates with its technological partner Flame Spray which thanks to a dedicated in-plant, carries out the coating operations on the anilox rollers.

Resistance to corrosion and hardness to guarantee high performance

Simec Group has developed a specific thermal spray system dedicated to the production of this type of anilox. Thanks to this new coating technology, we can guarantee very high coating hardness by controlling the temperature of the anilox sleeve during the process, thus avoiding any distortion.

How is it made?



The sleeve structure for flexible packaging is made as follows:


1. Expandable base 

2. Stainless Steel Rings

3. Aluminium tube 

4. Anti-corrosion treatment 

5. Ceramic coating   

6. Laser engraving

Sleeve 100% Made in Simec Group

Simec Group is the only manufacturer of anilox sleeves that internally manages each stage of the processing of the sleeve: from detailed research into the raw materials to the preparation phases of the semi-finished products that are bored and thermally treated so as to guarantee their stability over time.

Not a simple anilox sleeve but the best sleeve for your flexographic printing machine

Simec Group has customized and selected the most suitable construction and engraving features for new-concept printing machines, guaranteeing not only printing results that meet customer expectations but, above all, very high quality standards, durability, repeatability and fast supplies.