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“Simec Group has explored the connections between the world of technology and that of craftsmanship in an unceasing research of absolute quality.”

Emilio Della Torre, SIMEC GROUP CEO

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Why Simec

We are engineers, designers, researchers, line operators, distributors, sellers,
and passionate dreamers.
Our goal is to create products and solutions that no one else can offer. Our mission has always been to find better solutions, to create better products. We never forget it, and for this reason we aim higher and higher.














Corrugated Cardboard

Glue & Coating

Lamination & Coating




Tissue Fold

Industry 4.0 Ready

For Simec group, the strategic north is the continuous improvement of processes and products. We are operating our digital transformation, with three pillars:

Agile digital transformation of the internal processes of Simec Group, to achieve the results of constantly increasing competitiveness and support our growth.

Design of our products, according to the strong adaptability to the IOT (internet of thinks) processes of our Partner Producers of production systems.

Remote assistance with a specifically designed device that connects End user line operators, throughout the world, in any working environment to real-time information, analysis and consulting activities. We are ready to deliver our knowledge anywhere with a simple click.

Simec in numbers



Every day, we manage the flow of our products, and the needed tech&commercial information in more than 104 countries and territories worldwide.



With a total area of about 85,000 square meters, employing a total of about 90 workers, plus about 16 people working with suppliers and logistics operators based in the area, inside our facilities.


Production Lines

Several work stations in series, with buffers in between. We are introducing technologies and production processes to reach the interconnected factory in which the equipment will be online and smart. We are also introducing a hybrid warehouse approach, introducing the virtual and predictive management of our customer’s needs.



Our guiding principle is to finance our growth primarily from our resources. In this way we guarantee our financial independence and preserve the basis for a continuous and sustained development. Our goal is to create values and be a solid partner even for the largest corporations in the world.


Ratio NTD annual

We strongly believe that research and technological development is crucial to evolve together with our customers and to acquire more market shares through the marketization of new products and solutions tailor made on the real B2B needs.



produced annually thanks to renewable energy. Our solar system combines renewable energy and storage to provide our factories with clean, resilient and cost-effective energy. We take care of our Planet.

About Us

Simec group operates worldwide, delivering leading technologies for flexographic and embossing, process engineering, and intralogistics as well as industry 4.0 solutions for all the hundreds industries where we are the very best partner possible. Our sound balance sheet and financial strength enable us to invest in new technologies – and to continue to offer our customers the best solutions. We are creating value for our customers and clear competitive advantages for our company.

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