The Offer for the Tissue Roll Industry

Simec Group offers engravings for the tissue converting sector made with different processing technologies: from chemical engravings to combined solutions - using both chemical process with tool finishing – and up to engravings for micro applications made with mechanical process. We can carry out processing on pre-hardened materials, as well as on steel with galvanized chrome coatings. The offer includes also printing, coating & lamination ceramic rollers as well as rollers cleaning machines system.

Ornamental Engravings

Micro Embossing





Sit down and setup your roller in just few steps: MyEMBOSS is a real personal styler for your product.


Enter the parameters in your hands and choose, by browsing through a sample set consisting of thousands of available patterns, the one most suited to your work. Simec Group operator will use it as a starting point to create your customization.


Engineering a product has never been easier!


Prototyping new products

Simec Group produces small rollers for prototyping lines on different materials. It will also offer commercial size rollers intended both for tests on production lines and to support campaigns in which the required production is limited.

Driven by the Circular Economy

The production lines for the Tissue Converting Industry require the creation of new metal bodies whenever the engraving pattern is replaced, while Simec Group has specialized in the regeneration of rollers that are no longer usable, thus guaranteeing them a second life. Totally re-built and reworked with new patterns these rollers perform as new.