Simec Group has recently completed a production plant at the Olgiate Olona Headquarter devoted to this specific application sector; this unit is designed to manage the working of rollers with weights up to 25 tons and engraved length up to 7000 mm. Simec Group can perform machining both with traditional type engravings and with chemical or combined processes, depending on the type of pattern requested by the customer, thus working rollers with different types of materials which can then be treated with processes such as gas nitriding or quenching. Thanks to the engraving technologies owned by the company, thermal-treated or pre-treated rollers can be worked on after the engraving process. It is also possible to work alongside customers from the engraving research stage up to the creation of pilot rollers and on to the final processing of the production roller.


Simec Group assists the customer operating in every area of the Nonwoven market, offering integrated solutions to any production need: pattern development, prototyping, vibration simulation, reverse engineering of pattern and rollers, calender roll engravings, compaction rollers with coating or microstructure, engravings on kiss rollers, anilox for printing, Drag rollers, Foulard rollers, rollers for Hot Melt application, anilox cleaning systems.





Our expertise and experience in the coating industry allows us to offer rollers with specific coatings or microstructures for nonwoven lines. We can re-generate rollers, returning them to their original supply condition up to 5500 mm of useful face length.





For customers who use flexographic for customisations or prints on nonwoven fabric, we can supply anilox rollers with different types of engraving depending on the type of prints to be made and, even in this case, the maximum workable dimensions reach up to 7000 mm.

Nonwoven application sectors





There are numerous industrial uses and in recent years, the nonwovens have replaced materials like polyurethane foams.

We find it used in agriculture, cars, construction and the home system and in the personal hygiene, professional clothing, medical, chemical, footwear and many other markets. 


Simec Group has long been at the forefront in the engineering and production of embossing rollers which are fundamental in the nonwoven manufacturing process. This particular application sector requires not only a specific knowledge of the product but also advanced technical skills and production facilities and plants capable of processing rollers with dimensions and weights in excess of 22 tons.





Sit down and configure your roller in a few steps: MyEMBOSS is a real personal styler for your product.


Video call us and discover our configurator by browsing through a wide range of patterns online. Choose from over 750 already existing designs or use them as a starting point to give life to new ideas.


Thank to this tool Simec Group reduces costs and time needed for the development of new ornamental patterns.