The corrugated cardboard industry has undergone a very important technical evolution over the years, and thanks to state-of-the-art plants, nowadays can satisfy the most sophisticated printing needs.
Simec Group managed to take advantage of the know-how acquired in the packaging sector by converting it into knowledge for the cardboard industry, a sector where it has not only developed Hi-Q products, but one where it has also been able to provide cleaning solutions capable of treating anilox with lines higher than 600 lines/cm.

Specific engravings have been developed for production lines with lower technical features, aiming at improving print quality and increase the versatility of use: these are DC configurations and the HPC engraving series.

Selection of engravings for the cardboard sector

In addition to traditional engravings with a 60° angle, Simec Group offers engravings for high-quality double cell jobs and high versatility engravings such as those for the HP line, particularly suitable for machines where it is difficult to change the rollers. With HP you can print different types of liners without changing the anilox.

The coating Specialists

In partnership with Flame Spray, Simec Group controls a production unit entirely dedicated to coating. All the rollers have anti-corrosion protection, both for the sides and between the steel base and the ceramic coating; these protections can be made with plasma or with a submerged arc welding process of stainless steel.

High corrosion resistance and excellent compactness

Anti-corrosion and ceramic coatings specifically designed and manufactured for the anilox used in the corrugated cardboard industry: good resistance to corrosion through greater adhesion to the roller base; thanks to a strict selection of raw materials and procedures, the Simec Group ceramic coating guarantees a high resistance to abrasion and an excellent compactness for engravings up to 750 l/cm.

How is it made?


The structure of the ceramic roller for printing on corrugated cardboard is stratified as follows:


1. C45 journals


2. Steel tube


3. Chromium plating sides


4. Coatings: Spraylast PN anti-corrosion and ceramic coating


5. Laser engraving

Not a simple anilox but the best anilox for your flexographic printing machine

Simec Group has customised and selected the most suitable manufactures and engraving features for new-concept printing machines, guaranteeing not only printing results that meet customer expectations but very high quality standards, durability, repeatability and fast supplies.

Roller refurbishment

Simec Group has a precise procedure for this service: most of the construction drawings are registered in our system to allow us to refurbish the rollers, always in line with the OEMs specifications. The model and design of the roller are registered in our SDB system to allow statistics to be obtained and for future use. The mechanical repairs are important to guarantee the performance of the refurbished roller and warranty extension. To achieve this, Simec Group has created a very efficient repair department. At the time of acceptance, an incoming control card is filled in, which shows any additional work required and which is also sent automatically to the customer to inform him of which repairs will be made to restore the roller to optimal use.