For printing on sacks & bags Simec Group offers the market mechanically engraved rollers or rollers engraved with laser technology, depending on the customer's production requirements.

Mechanically engraved rollers - DELTOR

Simec Group has specific production lines and engraving tools dedicated to the processing of this product.


In addition to the traditional pyramid and truncated pyramid engravings, Simec Group has developed engravings with geometric shapes very similar to those proposed for ceramic engravings that guarantee better colour release while maintaining high print definitions.

The basic product, normally used with a rubber counter-roller, involves engraving on steel and chrome-plating. This is to give greater resistance than rollers produced with engraving into galvanic copper, avoiding the classic lateral damages typical of three-roller inking.


Depending on the type of line, the rollers must be designed with precise criteria and special protections. Our proposal includes three types of structure: rollers engraved directly into steel, rollers engraved into copper or rollers engraved into a galvanic nickel underlayer.

Laser engraved rollers - STARLOX





With regard to in-line printing - printers with a three-roll system - dedicated to the printing of bags and paper bags, the Simec Group samples include engraving in different geometries up to maximum lines of 220 l/cm.


The coating Specialists

In partnership with Flame Spray, Simec Group controls a production unit entirely devoted to coating. All the rollers have anti-corrosion protection, both for the sides and between the steel base and the ceramic coating; these protections can be made with plasma or with a submerged arc welding process of stainless steel.

High corrosion resistance and excellent compactness

Anti-corrosion and ceramic coatings specifically designed and manufactured for the anilox used in the sacks and bags industry: high resistance to corrosion through greater adhesion to the base of the roller. Thanks to a strict selection of raw materials and procedures, Simec Group's ceramic coating guarantees a high resistance to abrasion and an excellent compactness for engravings up to 750 l/cm.

How is it made?


The production of rollers for this sector is managed 100% internally in order to guarantee not only total control of the process but also the containment of the sales price. 


1. C45 journals

2. Steel tube

3. Chromium plating sides

4. Anti-corrosion coating

5. Ceramic coating

6. Laser engraving

7. Super finishing for use with blade or rubber counter-roller

Roller Refurbishment

Simec Group has a precise procedure for this service: most of the construction drawings are registered in our system to allow to repair the rollers, always in line with the OEMs specifications. The model and design of the roller are registered in our SDB system to allow statistics to be obtained and for future use.

The mechanical repairs are important to guarantee the performance of the refurbished roller and warranty extension. To achieve this, Simec Group has created a very efficient repair department. At the time of acceptance, an incoming control card is filled in, which shows any additional work required and which is also sent automatically to the customer to inform him of which repairs will be made to restore the roller to optimal use.