Simec Group is a leader in the production and reworking of Glue and Doctor rollers for the coupling of corrugated cardboard. Its gluers are universally appreciated for their high quality: a recognition certified by the primary OEMs for whom Simec Group has been developing specific customized solutions for their after-market service, for decades. The variety of solutions, both at the level of underlayers and of engravings, means high quality products with similar characteristics can be selected for end user, also including regenerated products with ready or extremely quick delivery.

Engravings specially developed for the specific sector

The range of engraving is extremely wide: in addition to custom engraving by line type, Simec Group produces new configurations on demand on a daily basis with cell types specifically designed to improve the release of the material or reduce the amount of product to be transferred. The technical specificatios of the lines require special solutions depending on the required performance and Simec Group has customised several solutions that guarantee not only excellent product spreading but also a reduction in the problems of cell clogging. In addition to the geometries customised for line manufacturers, we can offer alternative engravings drawing both from our vast collection and by creating specific engraving profiles.



In combination with Gluer rollers, Simec Group specialises in the production or regeneration of Doctor rollers.

For this product, there are different construction types depending on the rollers' destination installation.


We offer three types of coating:

  • Chrome plated
  • Ceramic
  • Tungsten carbide.


Depending on the type of line, the rollers must be designed with precise criteria and special protections. Simec Group proposal includes three types of structure: rollers engraved directly into steel, rollers engraved into stainless material or rollers engraved into a galvanic nickel underlayer. The use of galvanic copper or powder coating is not recommended.