The label industry involves a considerable number of application sectors: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals and many others. It aims to attract attention, provide information, stimulate interest to buy and transform the creative idea into a product that conveys its value to the final consumer. The same objective is set by Simec Group: very high quality rollers and sleeves with a specific state-of-the-art coating line capable of guaranteeing the density of the coatings and considerable hardness in order to improve colour release and increase the duration in service.

How is it made?


The structure of the ceramic roller for printing on labels is stratified as follows: 



1. Bored steel tubes with reduced thickness


2. Stainless steel journals


3. Chrome oxide ceramic coating


4. Specific laser engraving

The coating Specialists

In partnership with Flame Spray, Simec Group controls a production unit entirely devoted to coating.

Engineering of ad-hoc coatings for excellent quality

Anti-corrosion and ceramic coatings specifically designed and manufactured for the anilox used in the label industry: new high-density ceramic coating for engravings up to 750 l/cm, longer product life and fewer cleaning operations.

Standard engravings

Not just an anilox, but the best anilox for your flexographic printing machine

Simec Group has customized and selected the most suitable construction and engravings features for new-concept printing machines, guaranteeing not only printing results that meet customer expectations but very high quality standards, durability, repeatability and rapid supplies