The SDB Community

Exclusive benefits for an exclusive community

The SDB Community is the exclusive group of companies that have appreciated and integrated the business model implied by Simec Digital Background.

The major global market players, both machine builders and brand owners, are seizing the opportunity to strengthen different aspects of their businesses by joining SDB.

Thanks to the close collaboration with some of them, it has been possible to analyze numerous industrial cases, draw up case studies and define the industry standards.

In the SDB Community merged experiences, skills and expertise of the stakeholders of the reference chain, whether they are plant builders, printers, end users or suppliers of complementary goods, thus generating a solid foundation from which Simec Group started to build a unparalleled digital architecture that today makes available to its customers.


Joining SDB will bring a series of benefits common to all the Community members, among which:

- preselection of the optimal characteristics of cylinders and sleeves based on the system these will be fitted on and on the end user’s specification of the printing needs;

- possibility of running tests at the customer's place using "test sleeve": these are masters with pre-selected engravings prepared on the specific model of printing machine;

- access to the MySimec portal that allows the Community members to view the product warehouse;

- possibility to view the processing status of your order portfolio in real time;

- access to the statistics related to the anomalies detected on your goods sent for repair, obtaining useful data to reduce the causes of the premature anilox rebuilding;

- possibility of viewing the history of the goods purchased by accessing the product certifications issued during the supply phase.


The Community is structured on different levels, each of which is associated with a series of additional and specific benefits; to find out which ones are reserved for you, please access to the dedicated area and fill out the questionnaire.