The SDB Community

The Super R&D for High-Quality Printings

The SDB Community is the exclusive group of companies that have appreciated and integrated the business model implied by Simec Digital Background.

The sharing of experience, skills and expertise of Original Equipment Manufacturers, spare parts suppliers and printers leads to the birth of a super R&D capable of generating technical and economic benefits never achieved before.

Usually, each supplier acting within the same supply chain has a vision limited to variables directly related to the product it offers, therefore its approach is inevitably individualistic.

Within the SDB Community, on the other hand, different points of view are merging together, allowing each player to benefit from a 360° vision of the customer's needs: the result is the offer of spares not only technically perfect, but also engineered to dialogue perfectly with each other.

The breakdown of the need leads to the identification of the best specs of each component and the offer of a "package-solution".

To achieve these result numerous tests have been carried out and the specifications of each spare have been identified, laying foundation for performance standardization with the consequent guarantee of repeatability of the printings.



  • Cost reduction in terms of significant reduction of machine set-up time and consumables (print media, inks, etc.).
  • Risk reduction through the selection of pre-tested spares specifications, perfectly dialoguing with each other and optimizing the performance of the press machine.
  • Identification of goals and limits of standardization.
  • Knowledge sharing leading to exponential growth of both corporate and supply chain culture.