The future needs origins

How to transfer sixty years of history, experience, technology, as well as special and complex production processes to the third generation in order to make them available for current and future customers? Incorporating unique technical skills and specific know-hows into new business models, based on an innovative market approach and concurrently able to take advantage of market globalization and of the high production volumes: SDB has been created for these purposes.


Pre-settled, tested and codified anilox for specific press machine models; High volume production; Costs cutting; Predictive warehouse.


Production chain automation; Paper free; Automatic communication to customers; MySIMEC portal


Go GloCal - think global, act local; Worldwide deliveries faster than local manufacturers; Remote Assistance dissolves distance.




It is a sleeve with differentiated line screens. These sleeves have been specifically engineered on the preselected printing machine models, in order to identify the best setting for the anilox, considering the machine and final product variables.

A powerful tool in response to the latest production requirements that combine the benefits of standardization with the benefits of customization.

How to sign in
How to sign in


Every innovative business model is based on big data: therefore, the main SDB pillar is acquisition of information.

In order to provide the commercial prospects with the best service possible, it is necessary to have a complete overview of the administrative, technical and production structure of each user of the project.

For this purpose, the user is given the credentials that will give him/her the necessary authorization to access MySIMEC and to enter the SDB Community, with all the consequent benefits.