The innovation that reinvents the rules

SDB is a new business market-oriented model based on the concept of analysis and satisfaction of customer needs. The Simec Group 4.0 customer becomes a Partner: a partnership is understood as a long-term relationship based on trust, a relationship that produces value.

As a result, SDB establishes a 360-degree collaboration with the customer to offer an integrated support at every stage, from procurement to maintenance, creating technical and economic benefits. SDB is an acronym for Simec Digital Background: all Simec Group plants have been digitized and the entire production universe has been automated. Such automation, collaboration with manufacturers and in-depth knowledge of customer needs allows predictive management of stocks.


Through the constant recording of data relating to activities carried out with manufacturers and end users, Simec Group has developed an advanced CRM that not only supports all marketing campaign activities, but is also the main tool to manage the complete active cycle. By means of analyzing the performance of the products and the needs of the MySIMEC program customers, the CRM is used to manage sizing of the predictive warehouses.


Through the constant recording of the performances of the cylinders and sleeves and the tests carried out in partnership with the machinery builders, Simec Group has managed to customize the products identifying the internal production cycles and at the same time selecting the engraving characteristics according to the customers’ production requirements in order to meet their expectations.


The collection of data carried out by our external auditors and by the factories, at the goods acceptance phase, as well as the feedback received from the plant manufacturers and end users, have allowed Simec Group to create solid statistics on the causes of regeneration – causes that have led to a premature replacement of our products - and on the characteristics of the most appropriate engravings for the different types of systems both in terms of performances and in terms of duration.