Simec Group boasts the world’s largest structure dedicated to mechanical engraving, both for the machines and for the coating types that can be processed. The variety of engraving samples is the most complete on the market and it is constantly being enriched with the latest engraving types to meet the needs of the new production lines that constantly extend their performances.


An important advantage of the in-house engineering and construction of production lines is the ability to make them even longer in order to process rollers up to 1 meter of diameter and up to 9 meters of length.

The engravings available

The following screen configurations are available: Pyramidal section of 110°, Truncated pyramid section 80° and 60°, Hexagonal, Helical with inclinations at 45° and 60° with respect to the roller axis, Helical engraving with a spherical section, Double cell with a spherical section and inclination 70° with respect to the roller axis, Triple cell with a spherical section and inclination 73° with respect to the roller axis, Open cell engravings of rotogravure derivation, Reverse engravings. It is also possible to reproduce, particular and customized engravings by means of innovative technologies.


Thanks to all the technologies available, Simec Group offer galvanic coatings, such as chrome, nickel and copper; coatings by welding such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys; thermal spray overlays such as copper wire or other materials.

Industries served