Anilox Sleeve

Sleeves 100% Made in Simec Group

The Anilox sleeve is an excellence of Simec Group. The company is known and recognized worldwide as a super-premium supplier: the only anilox sleeve manufacturer to fully control the entire production chain, boasting an incomparable specific know-how and ensuring the highest quality levels in terms of materials used, product engineering and production processes.

How is it made?

The sleeve structure is made up of: 1. Expandable base; 2. Stainless steel rings; 3. Aluminium tube; 4. Anti-corrosion layer; 5. Ceramic coating; 6. Laser engraving.

How is it made?
The ceramic coating: high resistance to abrasion and high compactness for engraving up to 750 l/cm.

The anilox sleeve coating by Simec Group has specific characteristics that guarantee excellent resistance to wear and the absence of sleeve body deformations during application.

The standard engraving

30 ° NE engraving, 45 ° open engraving, 60 ° NE engraving, 70 ° DC engraving, HPF engraving, TC engraving.

Not a simple anilox sleeve but a specific sleeve for your flexographic printing machine

We have customised and selected the most suitable construction and screening features for new-concept printing machines, guaranteeing not only printing results that meet customer expectations but, above all, very high quality standards, durability, repeatability and rapid supplies