Simec Group was one of the first companies in the world to start laser engraving on ceramics in 1987. Today it is a reference company in the industry as far as the quality of the products is concerned and one of the few businesses that can boast the control of the entire production chain.


The production plant dedicated to this processing techniques is located in the industrial area of ​​Montefino (TE) and covers an area of ​​40,000 m2, 10,500 of which are covered and where a new 2,500 m2 area has recently been added to stock the products included in the SDB program.

The production units have been designed and divided in order to reach the maximum production efficiency and the highest quality standards.

Anticorrosive layer and ceramic coating

The excellence of Simec Group: customized solutions for different applications at standardized costs.

Engraving customized on machine model

Simec Group offers to the market sleeves codified according to the machine model. You have the possibility to choose the type of the cell and the height of the lines in relation to the desired printing result.

The standard engravings

Engravings up to 750 L /cm, over 15,000 codified and recorded construction drawings perfectly corresponding to the OEM ones: 30 ° NE engraving, 45 ° open engraving, 60 ° NE engraving, 70 ° DC engraving, TC engraving.



Being standard on every Starlox roller or sleeve the superfinishing ensures a perfect contact surface with the doctor blade from the first printed meter.


This procedure helps to remove the chromium oxide microparticles, which recast irregularly under the laser beam thus inhibiting the doctor blade to adhere perfectly.


Among the benefits for the user:


reduction of the scoring line; reduction of back doctoring; ink splitting reduction; reduced consumption of the doctor blade; stability of ink transfer over time; greater cleaning of the doctor blade body (with consequent reduction of the maintenance costs and optimization of the machine management).

First Meter Run Guaranteed Certification

The FMRG control of the surface and of the STARLOX anilox transfer capacity consists in a digital topography with high definition three-dimensional measurement carried out using interferometry.

It allows the detection of the micro and nano geometries present on the anilox surface by scanning in detail every single cell and making up to 15,000 profile measurements.


The adoption of this control technology has brought the STARLOX rollers and sleeves to very high-quality levels, making it possible to improve almost all the production phases.

Through FMRG Simec Group ensures the REPEATABILITY of its anilox and the amount of volume transferred starting from the first meter printed.

First Meter Run Guaranteed Certification