With the introduction of the new image import and processing technologies, as well as the use of increasingly complex engraving technologies, the embossed roller market has undergone important changes.

The embossing roller is almost always a customized work developed to meet the specific needs of customers who rely on Simec Group for the production of the cylinder, for the development of technical and functional characteristics and those of ornamental character.

An embossing roller can have very small dimensions, it can also reach significant dimensions and weigh up to 25 tons: Simec Group has structured its factories to meet all the requests, having every engraving technology currently present on the market.

The application sectors where the products of the Emboss family are most used are:

Nonwoven Fabric, Ultrasonic Applications (diaper or automotive sector), Tissue for rolled or folded products, Technical Film (hygienic, food or industrial sector), Aluminium (for pharmaceutical, food and construction sectors).

In some cases, up to 8 Simec Group production rollers are required to make a product for daily use.