Not just a roller, but the roller that maximizes the performance of your machine.


The characteristics of our rollers vary depending on the system they are destined for. Made with different engraving technologies and on different types of materials for a wide range of applications, they have various uses: transferring inks, paints, glues and lacquers or resins; making very accurate changes to improve the structural characteristics of different materials; create or reproduce ornamental models in order to distinguish a product at once.

Simec Group has several product lines and three registered brands to identify the production technologies, as follows:


DELTOR - family of products made by means of mechanical engraving with tools.

STARLOX - family of products obtained by laser engraving on ceramics.

EMBOSS - family of products for embossing in all its different applications.


Simec Group is preferred by the best manufacturers that not only recognize the high level of its product quality, but also find a reliable Partner for a solid collaboration that goes beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship often becoming an active part in the technical and commercial process development.

Product engineering skills and technological know-how allow Simec Group to move in a highly industrialized context, perfectly balancing the logic and the advantages of standardization with those of customization.