We innovate the concept of innovation

Our innovations, your future: the history of Simec Group encloses sixty years of innovations, many of which have become the anilox industry standards.

The company has to its credit a consistent number of industrial patents both on the machinery and on the products that have become part of daily use; it is constantly engaged in research, it invests heavily in hardware and software and designs new business models. One of the main company’s activities is the search for technological innovation, aimed both at the products and at the new economic models such as, for example, the circular economy one.

International approach, attention to the market, sensitivity to the problems of the territory and work are fundamental aspects: the 360 ° innovation is the key of Simec Group’s success.

These dictates have been imprinted in the company by two great entrepreneurial figures: Renato Della Torre founds the company and guides its technical and structural development, his son Emilio transforms the family business into a large international company capable of winning, in different fields and in different historical moments, positions of absolute excellence worldwide.

Simec Group remains faithful to its promise with a constant commitment to improve every single detail to reach more and more ambitious goals, always offering a product that customers can be proud to use.

However, innovation is not an end in itself; it is rather a travel companion who leads the way, permeating every activity in a continuous flow of new ideas and creative solutions.

It is innovation of products, processes, management and people. It means overcoming the very concept of overcoming, continually moving towards the goal, evolving along the path and improving without interruption.

In an environment favorable to the free expression of the spirit of initiative and personal abilities, open to the humanistic culture as well as the technical-engineering one, employees are engaged in two Research & Development centers constantly seeking innovation. Simec Group is also one of the main stakeholders in some joint ventures dedicated to R&D.

The company has a significant intellectual property portfolio, including patents and designs, and invests 6.5% of net revenues from industrial activities in research and development.


All the profits generated are reinvested in innovation, an innovation that is not limited to the design and construction of different types of structures or surface workings, but which also involves engineering and the complete production of the lines that will subsequently have to produce rollers and sleeves. The R&D department is therefore committed to several levels: it engineers and manufacturers products with high technological content and high performance, it studies and builds internally the machines necessary for their production. Each product is labeled "100% Made in Simec Group". The substantial investments in feedback tools, such as the banded anilox sleeves, meet the most advanced production requirements; a radical change of the concept: conceived as masters developed for a specific printing machine model, they lead to the production of a repeatable product that guarantees the end user an optimal and constant printing performance.


Lean Thinking + Industry 4.0 = preventing rather than reacting. The high level of product customization, the internal engineering of production facilities, computerization and digitalization has led Simec Group to rapidly develop a production system in line with lean requirements and, thanks to the opportunities offered by 'Industry 4.0, to maximize the efficiency of each production phase through the integration of very sophisticated systems, thus being able to acquire almost all of the management of the lines themselves. The coding of all the machines and all the consumables has made it possible to build an intelligent and automated stock warehouse that keeps the passive cycle constantly efficient, at every stage.


SDB - Simec Digital Background - is the intelligence of the business management. The transition from traditional and reactive management to innovative and predictive management is based on Big Data Analysis and on the ability to transform all data into knowledge, thanks to the use of advanced statistical analysis tools and advanced hardware and software architectures developed in-house that involve all company departments. This digital structure leads to the creation of a predictive warehouse, able to anticipate the customers’ needs, thus processing the orders very quickly. To make everything work harmoniously, each company division has been involved in the process and makes an important information contribution to the system that leads to a precise and accurate result.