Sixty years of tradition, passion and progress.

The story began in 1960, when Renato Della Torre and his brother Luigi founded Galvanotecnica Diamante, a company operating in the galvanic sector mainly serving the textile industry.


Starting from 1967, the company began to diversify its offer by investing in equipment and machineries with high technological innovation in the mechanical engraving sector. The company name was changed to SIMEC - Società Incisioni MECcaniche - explaining the ambitions of expansion into new markets. Towards the middle of the 70s, the company seized the opportunity offered by the introduction of flexographic printing and the consequent industrial development of the packaging sector and converted its core business focusing on the production and mechanical engraving of rollers.


In the early 1980s, the company consolidated its activities in the packaging world and also began to operate in the field of embossing, in particular in the Tissue, a sector in hyperbolic development in those years.

At the end of the 1980s, the company opened its doors to the second Della Torre generation and introduced a laser-engraved ceramic anilox that became a true pioneer of this industry.

Driven by the innovative energy and the immediate success generated by the new laser technology, the company opened a new factory in Montefino (TE). Its partner, Flame Spray, promptly supported the initiative by installing a plant dedicated to coating and laying the foundations for a solid partnership that is still the basis of the technological product development.


The portfolio diversification policy, together with the consolidation of historical products, proved to be successful and supports a progressive and inexorable growth in both structural and market terms.

The beginning of the 21st century sees SIMEC engage in the strengthening of Research and Development through collaborations with companies specialized in specific sectors at different levels: shareholdings, joint ventures or direct investments in partner companies aimed at financing dedicated production lines.


This is how SIMEC GROUP was born: in the name the desire to express processes of cohesion, interaction and integration in order to produce something significantly different from the algebraic sum of the contributions of individuals.

The wealth of plurality, the growth of individual skills.

The business is growing today guided by Emilio Della Torre who is supported by competent and motivated collaborators around the globe and lays the technological basis for the inclusion of the third generation. These are the years of development of corollary services, of digitalization and new Concepts that will mark a real revolution in the sector.