Simec Group is an Italian family-run company that for the past sixty years has been producing several kinds of rollers and sleeves for more than 35 industrial fields of application. Its products are used to transfer any type of liquid as inks, paint, glue, varnishes or to confer specific characteristics to a wide range of materials as nonwoven, paper, tissue, plastic films, aluminium.


The company is keeping investing also in Lifecycle Solutions aiming at preserving the proper functioning of his products, safeguarding the customer’s investment: standard or customized cleaning systems on specific production lines, solutions for the storage of specific rollers or sleeves models and much more.

The SIMEC GROUP Industrial Units

2 production sites and 14 production lines with a total area of 65,000 square meters and employing approximately 90 employees, 16 specialized consultants from suppliers permanently operating at the Simec Group facilities; 175 production machineries, 70% of which are engineered and produced internally.

Olgiate Olona, Varese (IT)

The Olgiate Olona Headquarter covers 25.000 squared meters, 12.000 of which are roofed and it consists of four distinct units, including offices and production plants.

Montefino, Teramo (IT)

The Montefino Branch was founded in 1990, thanks to the long-term vision of the Della Torre family that took opportunities offered by the Italian Government, encouraging investments in the South of Italy. This reality has undergone a progressive expansion: today, it covers 40.000 squared meters, 10.500 of which are roofed. It includes 4 different plants: one devoted to laser engraving, one to the coating and preparation part, one to the construction of rollers, sleeves and the production of embossing rollers and, finally, one devoted to the warehouse of products belonging to the SDB project.



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